Whether you’re visiting your loved one at their senior living community or at their own home, it might be nice now that it’s summer to do something outdoors together. Here are a few suggestions of ways the both of you can get fresh air.

Head over to a park, and take a kite with you. Watching that kite float in the sky will be relaxing, and the two of you can take turns. Or you could always take two kites and both take control of your own.

Plan out a picnic for your loved one. This could even be a surprise, depending on how he or she does with surprises. Either way, enjoying a meal outdoors can be a special experience. If your loved one doesn’t do well with sitting on the ground, you can bring lawn chairs along. There might be a good spot in the senior community or in your own back yard so you don’t have to go too far. It might be best to do this in the evening as the sun is setting.

Take a dip in the water. Even if your loved one doesn’t feel like swimming, it might be nice just to dip your toes. You can both sit down on the edge of the pool and just talk for a while and catch up.

Find out if there are any special summer events going on in your area. Maybe there’s a free movie night or concert series that you can go to together. If you don’t feel like spending that much time outdoors on a certain night, you can find out if there’s something going on at a local museum.

Take an early morning walk. It’ll likely feel extremely hot once the sun is fully out, so try to head out as soon as there is a little bit of light, if possible. If your loved one is already a morning person, this will be perfect. If not, you can make it an evening walk instead. Either way, try to avoid getting too much sun, especially on those particularly hot and sunny days.