Kasey Moreland!

Ledgestone Senior Living is proud that Food and Beverage Director Kasey Moreland has chosen to nourish residents with her culinary talents. But Kasey didn’t take a direct path to the kitchen. Here’s her story.

As a child, Kasey spent many wonderful hours in the kitchen, learning secrets from her father and grandmother. “My grandmother had grown up in New Orleans, so she taught me how to make the perfect roux for gumbo, how to add just the right mix of seasonings to jambalaya, and how to make an irresistible carrot casserole,” Kasey said. “I bet people would pay to get their hands on recipes I know by heart.”

Kasey grew and prepared for college. Bigger things were on her mind at this point in her life. She attended Trinity University where she attained a degree in archaeology! Kasey graduated with her undergraduate degree and was so passionate about the study of ancient history that she pursued her doctoral degree at the University of California-Riverside. In the middle of her studies, something inside began to call Kasey away from dig sites seeking ceramics and back toward the joy of cooking. “I decided to transfer to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in the middle of my Ph.D. program. I just knew life was taking me in a new direction.”

Upon completion of her culinary studies, Kasey’s first job in the food and beverage industry was as a cook in Bloomingdale’s iconic 59th & Lex restaurant in Costa Mesa, California. As if that wasn’t swanky enough, her sous chef had previously worked for Wolfgang Puck! From there, Kasey began making her way to Texas and took a position with the famous Enoteca Vespaio restaurant in Austin.

“My favorite cuisine to cook is Italian, despite my upbringing with Creole dishes. I was fortunate enough to spend time in Italy, learning about their techniques for combining flavors. A simple meal can be made delicious with the right blend of spices and love.”

Kasey is definitely a favorite of the seniors at Ledgestone Senior Living. All you have to do to confirm this is ask.

“The food is great, so many choices! The grapefruit was delicious this morning.,” Ann D, resident.

“The tiramisu is so delicious!” Donald V, resident.

“I never miss a meal!” Helen C, resident.

“I like to see the food disappear!” Efren G, server.

“My family really likes my butternut squash soup,” Kasey says, smiling. “I’ve made it my mission to delight our residents, just like I do my own family – with healthy, flavorful meals. I even sneak a vegan dish in once in a while. No complaints so far!” Does it sound too good to be true? Take a look at this Facebook photo gallery.

If you’d like to experience a meal crafted by Kasey, call (512) 767-1800 to book a lunch or dinner reservation and see for yourself why Ledgestone Senior Living is so proud that Kasey calls it home.